Building Products

We stock a variety of materials to complete your projects, including MOT Type 1 as well as recycled hardcore, and building sand or granite dust.

Building Products

Grit Sand

Ideal for turfing, grit sand gives you a nice level surface to lay your new lawn on. It also is great for drainage as the grit sand will mix in with the soil and help water filtration. We stock this in bulk or small 20kg bags.


We supply bulk bags and loose loads of MOT Type 1 limestone, as well as a budget-friendly recycled Type 1.


MOT Type 1 limestone is by far the best grade hardcore to use for paths, patios, driveways etc. It is certified for use on the highways and is made up of stone ranging from 40mm down to fine particles. When compacted, it binds together giving you the sound surface required to lay gravel, paving etc. We recommend type 1 limestone as a final top layer for the best results.


Recycled Type 1 is hardcore including limestone, red brick and concrete that has been put through a crusher and broken down to 40mm stone to dust. A cheaper alternative to MOT Type 1 limestone, it will still give you the same results but can save you money on larger projects as you can use this as a filler with a top layer of Type 1 limestone to finish off.

Bark Mulch

Our bark mulch is supplied to us by a local tree surgeon. We bag this in house and supply it to you in bulk bags. This can be delivered on our hiab wagon to the road side of your property. Bark mulch is ideal for weed control or replenishing the borders around your lawn.

Underground Drainage

We can supply you with:

Bends, pipe, collars, manhole bases, risers and lids, perforated land drains, gullies, band seals, etc.

All drainage is ordered from our office and delivered direct to site. Please contact us with your specific requirements.